About Us

Our mission statement is to provide our customers with a product at the quality level of a big-name roofing contractor at a fair price that our customers can afford.

“I started to do roofing and siding when I was 14 and I loved the job. I always wanted to do quality work for an affordable price. After 10 years at working at my roofing and siding job, I stated to do side work from friends and family. This activity inspired me to start my own company with my brother, which I have known for all my life and has been my best friend though out. However, before I started the company, I was in a motorcycle accident in 2015. It was hard for me to do roofing and siding during this time. Instead, I learned how to do a wide span of interior work that includes tile, bathroom and kitchen remodels, hardwood flooring, electrical, and carpentry work during my recovery.” – Casey Pimley

In October of 2018, Casey Pimley met Corey Fogarty, an established business owner in Lancaster, PA.  They formed Pimley Brothers Construction LLC together, and, for the lifespan of the company, we have never had a roof leak nor a customer walk away feeling dissatisfied. We also provide a steady, drug free work environment for those who are having difficulties finding other stable jobs. We provide our services to eastern and central Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland, we pride ourselves on our work and we hope you choose us for your next project.

– Casey Pimley & Corey Fogarty